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I’m proud to introduce you to the beta version of It’s still a work in progress, but it’s a huge step forward in bringing Veterans the online services they need and deserve. Read more... on this blog post: “Help Us Create”


I didn't fully understand the mission until I went to Utah last year. I'd been working on a web application for the Department of Veterans Affairs for several months, and I'd just flown into Salt Lake City for usability testing with our beta testers. Having not grown up in a military family, my experience with veterans — what it means to be one, what it means to serve — was largely shaped by news reports about veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more... on this blog post: “Designing”

Responsive Web Design Podcast

Listen as we talk with Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte on the Responsive Web Design Podcast.

When high bounce rate may be a good thing

While the Internet started in academic and government labs, it is now, overwhelmingly a commercially driven environment. The tools, language, and ideas that make sense in a commercial space do not necessarily make sense in a government space. This is one of the primary challenges for any government website. Even when the government is providing services, as VA does, the service is not a consumer service. A site supporting that doesn’t necessarily call for a commercial consumer experience, even if it draws from the knowledge that makes good commercial consumer experiences possible. The challenge is understanding which ideas make sense to borrow, and which don’t. Read more... on this blog post: “When high bounce rate may be a good thing”

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