Employment Support for Service-Disabled Veterans

As a service-disabled Veteran, there are many ways for you to pursue your personal and professional goals through both government and private-sector employment.

Federal Job Preference

If you are a service-disabled Veteran, you qualify for hiring preference when competing for certain federal jobs. Learn more about applying for federal jobs. Some classifications, or exceptions, may qualify you for specific federal positions. Know which hiring exceptions you qualify for as a service-disabled Veteran. Check federal hiring authority information before applying.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) If you are service disabled at more than 10% and can no longer continue your current employment due to injuries, you may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E).

Start or Grow Your Own Business If entrepreneurship interests you, your disability may qualify you for preference in winning government contracts. VA and other Veteran entrepreneur programs can support you through this journey.

Private Sector

Private-sector employers may qualify for incentives such as tax benefits when hiring service-disabled Veterans. It is good for you to know about this when you meet with VA Employment Center representatives and during the interview process.

Credentialing and job training will help in your search. Check your military transcripts now to be sure they are accurate.

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Contact your local Veteran Employment Specialist (VES) or your policy and benefits advocate for more information.