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Veterans and military family members have consistently proven themselves to be reliable, independent, and hardworking team members. Veterans also have soft skills such as problem solving and creativity that can benefit a company’s bottom line. By signing up and making a commitment, your company will stand out to candidates eager to enter the civilian workforce.

Of the 4211 approved employers with the Veterans Employment Center:

1,586 public commitments made
1,012,125 total positions committed to hire
600,392 Veterans hired so far


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Company Committed to hire Target hire date Hired so far Last updated
Looking for: Retail, Transportation, Mechanical, Logistics, Technology, eCommerce
Special commitments to: Veteran
250000 2020-12-31 130828 2016-07-15
DC Contracting Group
Tampa, FL/ Washington D.C.
Looking for: researchers, medical, radiation oncology, healthcare, project managers, veteran to farmer applicants, construction (2017)
Special commitments to: Veteran, Homeless, Spouse
100000 2020-12-31 1 2016-08-02
Home Depot
Looking for: Lot, Cashier,Sales, Freight, Recieving
Special commitments to: Veteran, Homeless, Spouse
65000 2016-12-31 55000 2016-06-24
Atlanta, GA
Looking for: Part time package handlers, delivery drivers, CDL drivers, IT positions, automotive mechanics, Inside Sales Representatives and Finance and Accounting positions
Special commitments to: Veteran
50000 2018-12-31 48956 2016-10-04
Headquarters in New York; Porfolio companies across the country
Looking for: Positions across our diverse group of portfolio of companies, which include: Hilton, La Quinta, Michaels Stores, GCA, Pinnacle Foods Corporation, Vivint and others.
50000 2019-01-01 10000 2017-02-14
Orion ICS, LLC
Cary, NC; Austin, TX; San Diego, CA; Virginia Beach, VA; Cincinnati, OH
Looking for: Maintenance, Electronics, Electrical, Field Service, Business Development, Leadership Development, Engineering, Production Supervisor, Project Manager, Logistics, Supply Chain, Distribution, Equipment Operator, Oilfield Services
Special commitments to: Veteran
39000 2017-12-31 36000 2016-09-09
AlliedBarton Security Services

Looking for: Security Officers, Supervisors and Managers
Special commitments to: Veteran
25000 2018-04-01 17500 2016-07-08
Looking for: We are seeking Veterans/Military spouses to fill many different roles across almost every industry.
Special commitments to: Veteran, Homeless, Spouse
23000 2017-07-23 13100 2016-07-11
Wells Fargo
Looking for: All
Special commitments to: Veteran
20000 2020-01-01 5000 2016-07-21
Global career opportunities
Special commitments to: Veteran, Spouse
20000 2020-01-01 11000 2016-06-20

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