Correspondence Training

If you would like to learn at home or are located in a remote area, correspondence training may be a good option for you. This type of training does not have to be completed within a quarter, semester, or term. You receive coursework assignments in the mail and send them back when completed.

Are you eligible for benefits?

Yes, if:

You meet the basic requirements for any GI Bill program.

Who is covered

You and your dependents

Available benefits

Reimbursed expenses. (Read more below.)

How it works

Participation requirements are the same for all GI Bill programs, though the payment amount varies depending on the specific GI Bill program you are using. If you are enrolled in correspondence training, VA determines your payment amount and pays it quarterly after receiving certification of lessons completed from the school.

For Post-9/11 GI Bill recipients, VA reimburses the actual costs of the school’s in-state tuition and fees, up to the maximum amount allowed by law. View the current payment rates.

For all other GI Bill recipients, VA reimburses 55% of the approved costs.

Exception: This assistance is not available for children training under the Dependents’ Educational Assistance program.