Principles of Excellence Program

The Principles of Excellence program requires participating educational institutions to:

  • Provide a personalized form to help you understand the total cost of your educational program, including:
    • Costs covered by your benefits.
    • Financial aid you may qualify for.
    • Your estimated student-loan debt upon graduation.
    • Other information to help you compare aid packages offered by different schools.
  • Provide an educational plan with a completion timeline that shows how and when you can fulfill the requirements for graduation.
  • Designate a point of contact to provide you with ongoing academic and financial advice (including access to disability counseling).
  • Accommodate both long and short absences due to service obligations for active-duty Servicemembers and Reservists.
  • Ensure accreditation of all new programs before enrolling students.
  • Align their refund policies with those under Title IV, which governs the administration of federal student financial aid programs.
  • End fraudulent and aggressive recruiting techniques and misrepresentations.

Institutions that do not charge tuition and fees are not required to comply with the Principles of Excellence. This includes:

  • Foreign schools
  • High schools
  • On-the-job training and apprenticeship programs
  • Residency and internship programs

Use the GI Bill Comparison Tool to maximize your educational benefits and learn which schools participate.