Licensing and Certification

If you are a Veteran looking for employment in a field that requires a license or certification, you may be eligible for GI Bill reimbursement for licensing or certification exams.

Are you eligible for compensation?

Yes, if:

  • You are eligible for the GI Bill.
  • You are taking an exam that costs less than $2,000.

Who is covered


Available benefits

Reimbursement under the GI Bill

How it works

VA may reimburse you for tests necessary for you to become a licensed or certified mechanic, medical technician, attorney, therapist, website developer, computer network engineer, or other professional.

After you submit proof of payment, VA will reimburse you. There is no limit to the number of tests you can take, or the number of times you take the same test. VA pays for tests even when you don’t score high enough to achieve your license or certification.

Find out how your GI Bill entitlement will be charged for using a licensing and certification benefit.

Fees associated with obtaining a license or certification are not reimbursable.