If you were hospitalized for a service-connected disability at a VA or VA-approved facility, you may be eligible to receive a temporary 100% disability rating for the time you spent in the hospital.

Are you eligible for compensation?

Yes, if:

  • You were hospitalized for more than 21 days in a VA hospital or other approved hospital for a service-connected disability, or
  • You were under hospital observation for more than 21 days at VA expense for a service-connected disability.

Who is covered


Available benefits

  • Compensation
  • Health care

How it works

If you were not hospitalized at a VA facility, you should provide the hospital discharge summary showing the length of stay and cause for hospitalization when filing your claim.

Example A Veteran with a 40% service-connected disability rating for diabetes mellitus was hospitalized at a VA facility after lapsing into a diabetic coma. He required 25 days of hospitalization due to the coma and associated infections. VA temporarily raised his rating to 100% for the period of his hospitalization. After this period, his disability rating reverted to 40%.