Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

If the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (Board) has sent you a final decision with which you disagree, you may then appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Court) should you want to pursue further action. The Court reviews Board decisions appealed by those who believe the Board erred in its decision.

The Court is composed of:

  • Seven permanent, active judges, and
  • Two additional judges as part of a temporary expansion provision. It has exclusive jurisdiction over decisions of the Board and is part of the United States Judiciary, not the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Its review of Board decisions is based on:

  • The record before the agency (what was in your file at the time the Board reviewed it), and
  • Arguments of the parties.

These are presented in a written brief, with oral argument generally held only in cases presenting new legal issues.

The Court’s principal office is in Washington, D.C., but the Court is authorized to sit anywhere in the United States and does so a limited number of times each year.

You must have a final decision from the Board, not the regional office, before you can appeal to this Court.