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Standard Claim

If you’d like us to help you gather evidence (supporting documents like a doctor’s report and medical test results) to support your disability benefits claim, please file a standard claim. File a claim now.

With a standard claim, we’ll get your permission to gather any needed evidence for you. This may include medical records from:

  • Your non-VA doctor
  • Other non-VA health care providers
  • State and local governments
  • Your current or former employers

What evidence will VA look for to support my claim?

We’ll look for evidence of:

  • A current physical or mental disability (damage to your body or mind that makes you less able—or totally unable—to do everyday tasks, including meaningful work)
  • An event, injury, or illness that happened while you were serving in the military to cause the disability

Note: A standard claim usually takes longer to process than a fully developed claim (when you send in all supporting evidence along with your claim). Get more information about fully developed claims.