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Quick Start

If you’re in predischarge status, Quick Start can help you get your VA benefits sooner. Through Quick Start, you can start your claim for disability benefits 1 to 59 days before:

  • Separation (ending your military service)
  • Retirement
  • Release from active duty
  • Demobilization (a stand down from combat-ready status)

Can I file a Quick Start claim?

You can file a Quick Start claim if you’re a Servicemember on full-time active duty (including a member of the National Guard, Reserve, or Coast Guard) and both of these are true:

  • You have a known separation date (the date you’ll be ending your active military service), and
  • Your separation date is within the next 1 to 59 days

What do I get through Quick Start?

You can get an expedited status decision on your disability claim (meaning you’ll get your decision as soon as possible).

How do I begin a Quick Start claim?

You’ll need to apply for benefits. When you apply, please give us your service treatment records. You’ll also need to make sure you finish all phases of the VA/DOD medical separation examination processes before your release from the military.

Apply for benefits.