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A Message from Secretary Robert McDonald

I’m proud to introduce you to the beta version of It’s still a work in progress, but it’s a huge step forward in bringing Veterans the online services they need and deserve.

Veterans have been speaking and we’ve been listening. You’ve told us VA has too many websites containing too much confusing information. You’ve said that you want a site that’s clear – one that’s written in plain language and is easy to use.

That’s what you’ll find here.

This beta release of is just a beginning. We’ve launched it with deep content in the two benefit categories you’ve told us mean the most to you: disability and education. There are many more to come. We’ll be adding new information and tools ongoing. But we wanted to get in front of you now, as we build it, so you can tell us what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Over the next year, additional content and services from our many existing VA websites will merge with – but not before they’ve been revamped for effective function and clarity.

Over time, we’ll also be offering services that make all of your online interactions with VA quicker and easier. Within the next year, you’ll be able to create one account on where you can manage all your personal information. Whether you’ve moved and are changing your address, or are applying for disability or education benefits, this will be your single online point of contact.

Do you like the simplified, streamlined content? Is it easy to find what you’re seeking? If not, where is it confusing? Our process building will be one of constant refinement and improvement. Your feedback will guide and shape everything we do. That’s as it should be. This site isn’t about us – it’s about you.

Please take the time to let us know what you think.

With thanks and excitement,

Secretary Robert McDonald